BAERS and the English Regency

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For lovers of the English Regency (history, dancing, music, art, literature, costumes, science, etc.). For the Regency dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out: RSS Feed what is XML?

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Events - Acting/RP?  topic
BAERS Cyprians' Ball, Saturday, February 19 at ...  topic
A VICTORIAN 12th NIGHT BALL, Saturday, 1/1/11  topic
A Victorian Birthday Ball - Saturday, June 5  topic
PEERS Courts of Faerie Masquerade Ball, Saturda...  topic
The PEERS Legion Fantastique (Steampunk) Ball, ...  topic
PEERS Cabaret Ball, Saturday, March 6  topic
BAERS Cyprians' Ball, February 13, Saturday  topic
BAERS January Regency Dance Party, January 8, F...  topic
PEERS Le Mardi Gras Des Vampires, February 6, S...  topic
PEERS Victorian 12th Night Ball, January 2, 2010  topic
PEERS Le Bal Des Vampires, November 7  topic
Goyesqua: A Spanish Regency-Era Ball; October 10  topic
PEERS Space Cowboys' Ball on September 5th  topic
BAERS Early American Dance Party - July 10 in P...  topic
PEERS Secret Agents Ball on Saturday, June 6  topic
PEERS Unseen University Ball on Saturday, Disco...  topic
PEERS Girl Genius Ball (with Set Dances), April...  topic
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL BALL - Saturday, February...  topic
THE DICKENS FAIR REUNION BALL - Saturday, Janua...  topic
THE 15TH ANNUAL LE BAL DES VAMPIRES - Saturday,...  topic
BAERS War and Peace Ball - October 11, Saturday  topic
Oakland Ceilidh and Waltz This Friday 9/26  topic
BAERS dance party in Palo Alto - Friday , Septe...  topic

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